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The Books: Work

Carol Glover LOVES Christmas, so much so that the bullies call her "Christmas Carol." But what they don't know and Carol is destined to find out is that she's destined to be a Defender of Claus. Can she save Santa from the evil Masked Man?


Someone has traveled back in time to change history. The Defenders of Claus don’t exist, Christmas is no longer magical and Santa’s a broken shell of himself. With the help of a bitter, shimmering Elf, Carol must travel back to undo the damage her enemy has done or risk losing Christmas and Santa forever.


In the hills of West Virginia, Walter “Little” Preston is rescued from a bear by a mysterious creature that turns out to be Bigfoot! Ancient magic keeps “Big” hidden, but his powers seem to be fading. So Little goes on a daring quest to save the friend who saved him and keep Bigfoot’s existence a secret.

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